Song Artist/Date/Label Remade by
Jackson Kingston Trio 6-7-63
on lp Capitol 1935 Sunny Side!
Billy Edd Wheeler (10-8-63), Johnny Cash & June Carter, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood
Earlier in 1963 the Kingston Trio had a hit with "Reverend Mr. Black," also penned by "Jackson" co-writer Billy Edd Wheeler.
When Wheeler was breaking into the songsmith biz, he got advice from veterans Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller. Inspired by the bickering couple in Edward Albee's play Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, he started the song, then Leiber threw in his bits. The writing credits on the Kingston Trio's record (as well as others') were Billy Edd Wheeler and Gaby Rodgers. Rodgers (née Gabrielle Rosenberg) happened to be Jerry Leiber's wife, and I assume her name was used due to publishing issues. The soundtrack to the Johnny Cash bio-pic Walk The Line has Leiber's name rightfully restored as co-writer.

Java Tousan (aka Allen Toussaint)
2-26-58   on lp RCA Victor 1767 The Wild Sounds Of New Orleans
Floyd Cramer, Al Hirt
Jaywalk (aka Jay Walk aka Soul Twist) King Curtis 1959
on lp Atco 33-113 Have Tenor Sax, Will Blow
King Curtis (1961 for Alcor/Everest, 1962 for Enjoy)
Je t'aime moi non plus Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg   1967
French Phillips 884 840-7 (1986)
Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg (11-68)
Jean Rod McKuen 11-68
on lp 20th Century Fox 4207 Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie ost
Oliver, Rod McKuen (1969 for Warner Bros.)
Jersey Girl Tom Waits 1980
on lp Asylum 6E-295 Heartattack And Vine
Bruce Springsteen
Jesus Is Just Alright Art Reynolds Singers c. 4-20-66
on lp Capitol 2534 Tellin' It Like It Is!
Byrds, Doobie Bros., dc Talk, Robert Randolph & Family Band
Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed (aka In My Time Of Dying) Blind Willie Johnson 12-3-27
Columbia 14276
Josh White, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin
Jet Airliner Paul Pena 12-73
on CD Hybrid 20019 New Train (2000)
Steve Miller
Pena's New Train album was originally scheduled for a 1973/4 release on Bearsville Records. It was shelved due to label owner Albert Grossman's dislike, or lack of faith in the commercial appeal, of its broad array of music styles. Twenty-seven years later the public got to make up its own mind and hear the source of Steve Miller's hit.

Jimmy Crack Corn see Blue Tail Fly
Jin-Go-Lo-Ba (aka Jingo) Olatunji 10-1-59
on lp Columbia 8210 Drums Of Passion
The original was also issued on a 1968 45 (Columbia 44456) as "Gin-Go-Lo-Ba (Jin-Go-Low-Bah)" by Michael Olatunji.

Just as the writing credit on Santana's "Evil Ways" was mangled, initial pressings (LP and 45) of their "Jingo" erroneously listed Aaron Copland! It turns out Copland did compose a song with that title but it's unrelated to this one.

Jo-Ann Twins (aka Twin-Tones) 9-16-57
on lp RCA Victor 1708 Teenagers Love The Twins
Jock-A-Mo (aka Iko Iko) Sugar Boy (Crawford) & Cane Cutters 9-53
Checker 787
Dixie Cups, Dr. John, Neville Bros., Belle Stars
As happened with "Mother's Children Have A Hard Time," "Jock-A-Mo" was mistitled by the label—Crawford has said he was singing "Chockomo."

"Chocko Me Feendo Hey" by Danny Barker & His Creole Cats (King Zulu Records) is often noted as being cut in the late '40s but it's most likely from the mid-'50s. It certainly has elements of "Iko Iko" but came after Sugar Boy's record.

Dixie Cups member Barbara Hawkins has said she was unaware of "Jock-A-Mo" and that she had learned "Iko Iko" from her grandmother. In 1967, Sugar Boy Crawford's publishing company settled a suit which gave him a share of "Iko's" royalties.

Joe Hill Michael Loring w/ TAC Singers & Earl Robinson 1939 (early)
Earl Robinson (1-8-40, 1957), Paul Robeson, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez
Joe Hill, a Swedish-American labor activist in the early 1900s, was convicted of murder in a controversial trial and executed. Hill was also a respected composer whose songs usually focused on harsh working conditions and labor rights. Around 1930, some fifteen years following his death, Alfred Hayes wrote a tribute poem titled "I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night." Earl Robinson used the lyrics for this song, shortening the title.

Bob Dylan has said Joe Hill's story helped inspire him as a songwriter, evidenced in his song "I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine."

Joey's Song Joe Reisman 7-10-57
RCA Victor 7038
Bill Haley & Comets (6-3-58)
Johnny Angel Georgia Lee 1-18-60
Decca 31075
Laurie Loman (2-19-60), Shelly Fabares, Carpenters
The song's presumed demo, done by Sandy Stewart, has appeared on gray-market CDs and the Internet.

Johnny One Time Willie Nelson 7-18-68
RCA Victor 9605
Brenda Lee (10-14-68)
Jole Blon see Ma Blonde Est Partié
Jose Quervo (aka Jose Cuervo) Cindy Jordan 1981
Bull Head 8111
Shelly West
Jump In The Line (aka Shake Sonora) Aldwin [sic] Roberts (Lord Kitchner) & His Steel Band Chorus Boys 1948
UK Humming Bird 302 (1949)
Blind Blake, Woody Herman, Lord Flea (as "Shake Shake Sonora"), Lord Fly, Harry Belafonte, Gary U.S. Bonds (as "Twist, Twist Senora"), Cherry Poppin' Daddies
"Jump In The Line" was composed and first performed by Lord Kitchener (nee Aldwyn Roberts) in 1946, winning him that year's Trinidad Carnival Road March. It wasn't until 1948 when Kitchner was in London that he recorded the song.

Junco Partner (Worthless Man) (aka Junko Partner) James Waynes 1951
Sittin' In With 607
Louis Jordan, Professor Longhair, Dr. John, James Booker, Clash, Hindu Love Gods
Although James Waynes was his real name, he was often billed as James Wayne (as well as James "Wee Willie" Wayne).

Just A Little Bit Tiny Topsy 3-59
Federal 12357
Rosco Gordon (1959), Roy Head, Little Milton
Just A Little Bit Better Kenny Young 1964
Atco 6322
Herman's Hermits (7-16-65)
Just A Little Bit Too Late (aka It's Just A Little Bit Too Late) Clyde McPhatter 7-1-63
on lp German Bear Family BFX 15271 Rhythm And Soul (1987)
Russ Damon, Druids, Wayne Fontana & Mindbenders
Just As I Am (aka Take Me [Just As I Am]) Lonnie Ray/Dan Penn 1965
Fame 6409
Solomon Burke
"Just As I Am" was issued twice on Fame 6409, once credited to Dan Penn and the other to his pseudonym Lonnie Ray.

Just As I Am Rob Hegel 1982
Mercury 810 331-7 (1983)
Air Supply, Rob Hegel (2015 for Red Lips)
Just As Much As Ever Nat King Cole 2-4-58
UK Capitol 15163 (1960)
Bob Beckham, Bobby Vinton
Just Because Nelstone's Hawaiians 11-30-29
Victor V-40273
Lone Star Cowboys (8-5-33), Shelton Bros. (2-23-35), Frankie Yankovic, Elvis Presley
Based in southern Alabama, Nelstone's Hawaiians were named for members Hubert Nelson and James Touchstone, and their use of steel guitar sounds associated with Hawaiian music.

"Just Because" was popularized by the Lone Star Cowboys, who were the Shelton Brothers (aka Bob and Joe Attlesey).

Just Dropped In Jerry Lee Lewis 5-12-67
on lp Smash 67097 Soul My Way
Teddy Hill & Southern Soul (as "I Just Dropped In"), First Edition (12-67), Mickey Newbury
Hill's version was cut soon after Jerry Lee's but may have been the first issued.

Just Like Me, (Ain't That) (aka Ain't That Just Like Me) Coasters 9-25-61
Atco 6210
Searchers, Applejacks
Just Like Me Wilde Knights 1965
Star-Bright 3052
Paul Revere & Raiders (10-21-65)
Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms) Stewart Family w/ Bethyl Stewart Brown c. 2-51
Gilt Edge 5053
Faron Young (10-12-52), Patsy Cline, Solomon Burke, Percy Sledge
Just To Satisfy You Waylon Jennings 3-2-64
A&M 739
Waylon Jennings (1969 for RCA Victor), Waylon & Willie
Just Walkin' In The Rain Prisonaires 6-1-53
Sun 186
Johnnie Ray