Song Artist/Date/Label Remade by
La Bamba El Jarocho c.1929
Mexican Victor 76102
Andrés (aka Hermanos) Huesca, Ritchie Valens, Tokens, Trini Lopez, Los Lobos et al.
Although its roots have been traced back centuries, "La Bamba" evolved into a wedding dance song—actually a son—in Vera Cruz, Mexico in the early 1900s. "La Bamba" has countless variations as it's part of a cultural tradition of endless lyric improvisation.

Credited writer Alvaro Hernández Ortiz performed under the name El Jarocho.

La La La La La Little Stevie Wonder 5-28-62
Tamla 54070
Blendells, LaSalles
La Mer (aka Beyond The Sea) Roland Gerbeau & Pierre Guillemin Orch. 1945
French Sofradi 1273
Charles Trenet (3-19-46), Benny Goodman, Bobby Darin
Lady Godiva Paul Jones 1966
on lp UK His Master's Voice 3586 My Way
Peter & Gordon
After overseeing Paul Jones' recording, producer John Burgess brought it to the Peter and Gordon session he was also producing. Peter and Gordon's hit was the first issued though.

Lady Marmalade Eleventh Hour 1974
on lp 20th Century 435 Greatest Hits
LaBelle (8-74), Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya & Pink
Land Of 1000 Dances Chris Kenner 1963
Instant 3252
Round Robin, Cannibal & Headhunters, Thee Midniters, Wilson Pickett, J. Geils Band
Last Dance Paul Jabara 1978
on lp Casablanca 7102 Keeping Time
Donna Summer
Last Kiss Wayne Cochran 9-18-61
Gala 117
Wayne Cochran (1963 for King), J Frank Wilson (3 times in 1964; for LeCam, Tamara and Josie, 1969 [as "Last Kiss '69"]), Pearl Jam
Writer Cochran was inspired by a grisly auto accident involving Georgia teenager Belinda Clark, who died while on her first date.

Last Thing I Needed, The (aka Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning) Bill & Bonnie Hearne 1974
on lp Adelphi 4122/23 Texas Folk & Outlaw Music: Kerrville Festivals 1972-1976 (1983)
Bill & Bonnie Hearne (1976 for Moon Hill), Lost Gonzo Band, Willie Nelson
Last Thing On My Mind, The Tom Paxton 1964
on lp Elektra 7277 Ramblin' Boy
Vejtables, Kingston Trio, Neil Diamond, Peter, Paul & Mary, Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner et el.
Last Time, The see This May Be My Last Time
Last Time I Saw Her, The Gordon Lightfoot 12-67
on lp United Artists 6649 Did She Mention My Name?
Glen Campbell
Last Word In Lonesome Is Me, The Roger Miller 4-65
on lp Smash 27068/67068 The 3rd Time Around
Eddy Arnold, Terry Bradshaw
Later Alligator (aka See You Later Alligator) Bobby Charles c. 10-55
Chess 1609
Bill Haley & Comets (12-12-55), Roy Hall
The melody for "Later Alligator" was based on Guitar Slim's 1954 "Later For You Baby" (Specialty 527).

Lavender Blue Dinah Shore 12-12-47
Columbia 38299
Burl Ives (12-16-48), Sammy Turner
Lazy River (aka Up A Lazy River) Hoagy Carmichael 11-20-30
Victor 23034
Mills Bros., Louis Armstrong, Hoagy Carmichael (1955 for Coral), Bobby Darin, Si Zentner
Leaning On The Lamp Post George Formby 9-5-37
UK Regal Zonophone 2490
George Formby (1950), Herman's Hermits
The song first appeared in the 1937 British film Feather Your Nest (with George Formby), and then the British stage play Me And My Girl later that year. To my knowledge, there's no soundtrack or cast recording for either production.

Learnin' The Blues Joe Valino 1955 (early, or late 1954)
Gold Star 253
Frank Sinatra (3-23-55), Julie London, Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Valino (1970s for Debut)
It's not clear whether the designated writer, Delores "Vicki" Silvers, was the sole composer or possibly had help from Valino. After a rep from Barton Music—Frank Sinatra's publishing company—heard the song, they acquired its rights. Frank subsquently listened to Joe's record and decided to cut it himself, creating his best-charting single of the '50s.

The tale of "Learnin' The Blues" is convoluted and still a bit mysterious. Credit for uncovering what is known goes to Drew Techner, Marc Myers and Joe Valino's niece Lisa Paolino. See Marc's August 5, 2008 entry on his site www.jazzwax.com.

Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress) Linda Laurie 1973
MCA 40119
Helen Reddy
Leave My Woman Alone see Let That Liar Alone
Leavin' It All Up To You (aka I'm Leaving It Up To You) Don & Dewey 7-19-57
Specialty 610
Dale & Grace, Donny & Marie Osmond
Leaving On A Jet Plane see Babe I Hate To Go
Legend In My Time, A (aka [I'd Be] A Legend In My Time) Don Gibson 4-23-60
RCA Victor 7762
Everly Bros., Roy Orbison, Don Gibson (1963, 1971), Ronnie Milsap
Lemon Song see Killing Floor
Lemon Tree Will Holt & Dolly Jonah 11-60
on lp Atlantic 8051 On The Brink
Kingston Trio (1-15-61), Peter, Paul & Mary, Trini Lopez
Based on Jorge Fernandes' 1937 Brazilian recording "Meu limão meu limoeiro" ("My Lemon My Lemon Tree").

Leroy see Greaseball
Let Her In Gary Benson 1973
UK Birth 1001
Gary Benson (1975 for UK State), John Travolta
Let It Be Me Jill Corey 1957
Columbia 40878
Everly Bros. (12-15-59), Betty Everett & Jerry Butler, Glen Campbell & Bobbie Gentry, Willie Nelson, Dave Edmunds
Adapted from Gilbert Becaud's 1955 French composition "Je t'appartiens." Introduced by Corey on the TV series Climax.

Let It Shine Linda Hargrove 1973
on lp Elektra 75063 Music Is Your Mistress
Olivia Newton-John
Let Love Come Between Us Rubber Band 1966
Columbia 43796
James & Bobby Purify, Delbert McClinton
Let Me Bang Your Box, (I Love To Play Your Piano) (aka Baby Let Me Bang Your Box) Toppers 1954
Jubilee 5136
Johnny Dollar, Doug Clark & Hot Nuts
Let Me Go, Devil! (aka Let Me Go, Lover!) Wade Ray 7-2-53
RCA Victor 5440
Georgie Shaw, Johnny Bond, Tex Ritter, Peggy Lee, Patti Page, Teresa Brewer, Joan Weber, Sunny Gale
Let Me Serenade You see I Will Serenade You
Let That Liar Alone (aka Leave That Liar Alone, aka Leave My Woman Alone) Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet 8-10-38
Bluebird 7835
Carlisles, Ray Charles, Everly Bros.
The song had its roots in "Let That Lie Alone," recorded by Rev. Edward W. Clayborn aka The Guitar Evangelist (4-19-27, Vocalion 1093) and Mound City Jubilee Quartette (1935, Decca 7058).

Let The Four Winds Blow see Four Winds
Let The Little Girl Dance Carl Spencer & Video's 1958
Manhattan 507
Billy Bland
Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures) James Rado, Lynn Kellogg & Melba Moore   5-6-68
on lp RCA 1150 Hair cast
5th Dimension
Let Your Love Flow Gene Cotton 1975
ABC 12137
Bellamy Bros. (10-75)
Writer Larry Williams was a roadie for Neil Diamond when he composed "Flow" and the song got to Gene Cotton as he and Diamond had the same manager. Cotton's version was issued as a single, (soon to be on his album For All The Young Writers), in October of 1975 while the Bellamys' was cut that month.

The Bobbettes had a 1972 single "Tighten Up Your Own (Home)" (Mayhew 37) with the fip being "Looking For A New Love."""Let Your Love Flow" also showed up as the B-side but it's unclear when that happend.

Let Your Yeah Be Yeah Jimmy Cliff 1970
on lp Mango 9794 Reggae Greats (1974)
Pioneers, Brownsville Station, Al Campbell, Buckwheat Zydeco
Cliff's was cut for an A&M album that got scrapped. He then produced the Pioneers' version that became a big UK hit.

Let's Get Together (aka C'mon Everybody) Eddie Cochran 10-9-58
on lp UK Liberty 1109 Cherished Memories (1962)
Eddie Cochran (Liberty 55166), NRBQ, Humble Pie, Sex Pistols, Stray Cats
Eddie Cochran's "C'mon Everybody" was also cut 10-9-58, using the backing track (take 15) of "Let's Get Together." His single was slightly sped up.

Let's Get Together Soon (aka Hope That We Can Be Together Soon) Dusty Springfield 10-16-69
on lp Atlantic 8249 A Brand New Me
Harold Melvin & Blue Notes w/ Sharon Paige
Let's Go Get Stoned Coasters 4-21-65 Atco 6356...or Ronnie Milsap (Scepter 12109) or Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown (on lp Wand 678 Hold On, We're Coming)
Manfred Mann (rel. 9-65), Ray Charles (12-5-65), Lowell Fulsom, Amboy Dukes, Joe Cocker
Any of these three artists could logically have been the first. Even though the Chuck Jackson/Maxine Brown album was issued in 1966, it's been suggested it was recorded the previous year (they used the same backing track as Ronnie Milsap's). Unfortunately, the Wand and Scepter labels don't seem to have kept recording dates.

Mick Patrick, who wrote the liner notes for the UK CD compilation The Real Thing, The Songs of Ashford, Simpson & Armstead (Kent 318), gives the nod to the Coasters. I'm not sure what he based that on so, short of dates for the others—especially Milsap's—it may not be definitive.

Co-writers Nick Ashford, Valerie Simpson and Joshie Armstead worked for Scepter's publisher Flormar Music, which had first right of refusal on everything they did. "Let's Go Get Stoned" began as a joke phrase following an unproductive session. The next day, they made up more to go with it while in the publisher's office. To the writers' surprise, they were told to finish it and the tune would get sent to Ray Charles. Clearly it got to others first.

Let's Have A Party see Party
Let's Live For Today Rokes 3/4-67
RCA Victor 9199
Living Daylights, Grass Roots, Slickee Boys, Lords Of The New Church
The Rokes, a British band working out of Italy, first recorded the melody to "Let's Live For Today" as "Piangi Con Me" (1966, Italian ARC 4081). In late 1966, a Dutch band named Skope cut a version in English titled "Be Mine Again." Once the Rokes did theirs as "Let's Live For Today," it was picked up by the Grass Roots and another English group called the Living Daylights. The Rokes' version was first issued in the UK and it was this recording—a more dynamic mix than what was later released in the US—that the Grass Roots emulated.

"Let's Live For Today" shares some melodic elements with the Drifters' 1960 hit "I Count The Tears" (Atlantic 2087).

Let's Stick Together (aka Let's Work Together) Wilbert Harrison 1962
Fury 1059/1063
Wilbert Harrison (1969 for Sue), Canned Heat, Bryan Ferry, George Thorogood
Let's Talk About Girls Tongues Of Truth (aka Grodes) 1966
Current 112
Chocolate Watch Band
This was more of a garage-band classic than any sort of hit. Some friends of mine had a band in the '80s named after the song and abbreviated it L-TAG.

Let's Talk About Us Jerry Lee Lewis 5-59
Sun 324
Grady Chapman (7-17-59), Billy Lee Riley, Johnny Kidd & Pirates, Dave Edmunds, Otis Blackwell, Smithereens, Van Morrison & Linda Gail Lewis
Let's Work Together see Let's Stick Together
Liar Argent 1969
Date 1659
3 Dog Night
Argent's original was also on their debut, self-titled album (1970, Epic 26525).

Liberty Valance, (The Man Who Shot) see Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The
Life Turned Her That Way Little Jimmy Dickens 9-3-64
Columbia 43243
Mel Tillis, James Carr, Ricky Van Shelton
Linda Ray Noble w/ Buddy Clark
Columbia 37215
Charlie Spivak & Orch., Jan & Dean
The song's title was prompted by an infant Linda Eastman, who ended up marrying Paul McCartney. This bit of trivia has been noted as both fact and fiction but is confirmed on songwriter Jack Lawrence's website.

Despite numerous reports to the contrary, the song "Linda" heard in the 1945 film The Story Of G.I. Joe is a different composition.

Lion Sleeps Tonight see Mbube
Little Bird, The (aka This Little Bird) John D. Loudermilk 4-17-61
on lp RCA 2539 Twelve Sides Of
Marianne Faithfull, Nashville Teens
Little Bit More, A Bobby Gosh 1973
on lp Paramount 6073 Sitting In The Quiet
Dr. Hook, Bobby Gosh (1978 for RCA)
Little Bit O' Soul Little Darlings 1965
UK Fontana 539
Music Explosion
Little Bitty Tear, A Ray Sanders 5-4-60
Liberty 55267
Burl Ives (2-15-61), Wanda Jackson (4-20-61)
Little Boxes Pete Seeger 4-26-63
on lp Broadside 302/Folkways 5302 Broadside Ballads Vol. 2
Pete Seeger (6-8-63 for Columbia), Womenfolk, Malvina Reynolds, Devendra Banhart, Randy Newman, Elvis Costello, Rise Against
Malvina Reynolds wrote the song in 1962 and it was published in the February, 1963 issue of Broadside. That magazine's editor, Sis Cunningham, then took it to Pete Seeger.

Little Darlin' Gladiolas 12-28-56
Excello 2101
Diamonds (1-3-57)
Little Drummer Boy see Carol Of The Drum
Little Green Apples Roger Miller 1-24-68
Smash 2148
Patti Page, O.C. Smith
While Miller's original did chart reasonably, it was quickly overshadowed by O.C. Smith's near chart-topping version.

Little Honda Beach Boys 4-64
on ep Capitol R 5267 Four By The Beach Boys
Hondells, Yo La Tengo
Little Latin Lupe Lu Righteous Bros. 1963
Moonglow 215
Kingsmen, Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels, Chancellors
Little Lonely One Jarmels 1961
Laurie 3085
Tom Jones
Little Miss Sad Addrisi Bros. 1964
Valiant 6058
Five Empressions (aka Five Emprees) (11-2-64)
Little Old Wine Drinker (aka Little Ole Wine Drinker, Me) Charlie Walker 3-21-66
Epic 10021
Lefty Frizzell, Dean Martin, Robert Mitchum
Little You, A (aka A Little You) Chick Graham & Coasters 1964
UK Decca 11932
Freddie & Dreamers
Chick Graham's Coasters were not related to the US group of that name.

Live E-Types 11-22-66
on CD Sundazed KS-SC11026 Introducing (1996)
Living Next Door To Alice New World 1973
Rak 4514
Smokie, Johnny Carver
Living Together, Growing Together James Sigheta & Shangri-La Chorus 1972
on lp Bell 1300 Lost Horizon ost
5th Dimension
Lizzie And The Rain Man Kenny O'Dell 1972
Kapp 2178
Bobby Goldsboro, Tanya Tucker
Lizzie Borden Paul Lynde, Patricia Hammerlee & Bill Mullikin 6-15-52
on lp RCA Victor 1008 New Faces Of 1952 cast
Chad Mitchell Trio
Lonely Blue Boy see Danny
Lonely Highway, The (aka The Lonely Surfer) Del Ray & Roamers 1960
Capella 101
Jack Nitzsche
Capella Records was owned and operated by Marty Cooper, who often employed Jack Nitzsche as an arranger. Cooper, listed as a co-writer (along with Jack) of "The Lonely Surfer," had composed "Lonely Highway" using the pseudonym Jay Martin. Both songs were published by Little Darlin' Music. What initally seemed like Jack Nitzsche lifting the melody from an obscure record, now makes sense.

Del Ray & The Roamers' recording was reissued in 1961, credited to the Jayhawks (Argyle 1005).

Lonely Night (Angel Face) Neil Sedaka 1975
on lp Rocket 2157 The Hungry Years
Captain & Tennille
Lonely Street Carl Belew 11-10-56
4 Star 1701
Andy Williams, Carl Belew (1960 for Decca)
Lonely Surfer, The see Lonely Highway, The
Long Black Limousine Wynn Stewart c. 7-58
on lp Bear Family 15261 Wishfull Thinking: The Challenge years, 1958-1963 (1988)
Gordon Terry, Glen Campbell, Bobby Bare, Merle Haggard, Jody Miller, Elvis Presley
Long Black Veil, The Lefty Frizzell 3-3-59
Columbia 41384
Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Kingston Trio, Bill Monroe, Fred Neil, The Band, Chieftains w/ Mick Jagger, Jerry Garcia, NRPS, Sir Douglas Quintet, Nick Cave & Bad Seeds, Mike Ness, Dave Matthews Band et al.
"Veil" writers Danny Dill and Marijohn Wilkin were inspired by the murder of a New Jersey priest and reports of a veiled woman visiting Rudolph Valentino's grave.

Long Goodbye, The Paul Brady 1999
on CD Compass 743042 Oh What A World (2000)
Brooks & Dunn, Ronan Keating
Long Haired Lover From Liverpool Christopher Kingsley 1969
Winro 112
Little Jimmy Osmond w/ Mike Curb Congregation
Long Lonely Nights Lee Andrews & Hearts 1956
Gotham 324 (1981)
Lee Andrews & Hearts (1957 for Main Line/ Chess), Clyde McPhatter, Kitty Kallen, Bobby Vinton, Dells
Lee Andrews & The Hearts signed with Gotham Records in 1956, recording a number of tracks. Two singles were issued but neither met with any notice. The group left the label and ended up re-recording many of the Gotham sides, including "Long Lonely Nights."

The 1981 issue of their original was on red vinyl, done by the Collectables label.

Long Tall Texan Four Flickers 1959
Lee 1003
Jerry Woodard (10-3-60), Murry Kellum, Beach Boys, Lyle Lovett, Doug Supernaw
Supposedly written about Tex Ritter, "Texan" was penned by the Four Flickers' teenage bass player, Henry Strezlecki (whose name shows up with various spellings).

Long Time Gone Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott
11-99     on CD Howdy Skies 1003 Real Time
Dixie Chicks
Look At Me Girl Playboys Of Edinburg 1966
Pharaoh 142/Columbia 43716
Bobby Vee (5-27-66)
Look In My Eyes Pretty Woman Mike Kennedy 1972
on lp ABC 754 Louisiana
Tony Orlando & Dawn
Look Of Love, The Stan Getz 12-2-66
on lp Verve 8752 What The World Needs Now
Dusty Springfield (1-29-67, 4-14-67), Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66, Isaac Hayes, Diana Krall
Look What They've Done To My Song Ma see What Have They Done To My Song Ma
Lookin' For A Love Valentinos 2-28-62
SAR 132
J. Geils, Bobby Womack
Valentinos members previously recorded gospel songs as The Womack Brothers and their "Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray" (SAR 123, 1961) was the musical model for "Looking For A Love."

Looking Through The Eyes Of Love Drifters 3-65
on CD UK Sequel 835 Anthology Six - The Good Life (1996)
Gene Pitney (rel. 7-65), Partridge Family
Lotta Love Neil Young c. 1977
on lp Reprise 2266 Comes A Time (1978)
Nicolette Larson (mid-1978), Red Hot Chili Peppers
This entry is based on online information that Neil's Comes A Time album was recorded on multiple dates, all prior to 1978.

Despite some listings to the contrary, Young's version was not released as a single in the US.

Louie Louie Richard Berry & Pharaohs 3-16-57
Flip 321
Rockin' Robin Roberts, Kingsmen, Paul Revere & Raiders, Sandpipers,Toots & Maytals, Richard Berry (1983 for Rhino) et al.
"Louie Louie" was originally the B-side to Berry's take on "You Are My Sunshine." Once "Louie" started to get popular around Los Angeles, "Sunshine" was replaced as the filpside by another Richard Berry composition, "Rock Rock Rock."

Love Being Your Fool Charlie Whitehead 1974
Island 007
Travis Wammack (as"[Shu-Doo-Pa-Poo-Poop] Love Being Your Fool"), Jerry Reed, Staple Singers
Love Bug Crawl Jim Bullington 1957
Wednesday (no #)
Jimmy Edwards (later 1957, for Mercury)
After recording his original for a local Michigan release, Bullington cut it again in Nashville. Mercury Records issued the new one and changed his name to Jimmy Edwards.

Love Child Syreeta 9-19-68
on CD UK Kent Soul TOP 455 Rita Wright Years: Rare Motown 1967-1970 (2016)
Supremes (9-17 to 20-68), Sweet Sensation
Rita Wright is Syreeta's real name.

Love Hurts Everly Bros. 7-13-60
on lp Warner Bros. 1395 A Date With
Roy Orbison (2-27-61), Everly Bros. (1964), Gram Parsons with Emmylou Harris, Nazareth, Jim Capaldi
Love In Vain Blues (aka Love In Vain) Robert Johnson 6-20-37
Vocalion 04630
Rolling Stones
Love Is A Wonderful Thing Isley Bros. 1966
Veep 1230
Michael Bolton
The Isley Bros. successfully sued Bolton, who had taken credit for his hit song and (somehow!) neglected to recognize them as its writers.

Love Is Blue (as "L'amour est bleu") Vicky (Leandros) 2-2-67
French Polydor 66 548
Paul Mauriat, Marty Robbins, Claudine Longet, Al Martino, Jeff Beck
Leandros reportedly cut versions of this in many languages, and French was probably her first.

Love Is Strange Bo Diddley 5-24-56
on CD Hip-O Select 923102 I'm A Man: The Chess Masters 1955-1958 (2007)
Mickey & Sylvia (10-17-56), Buddy Holly, Everly Bros., Wings, Kenny Rogers
Bo Diddley wrote "Love Is Strange," but registered it under his second wife's name, Ethel Smith, possibly to avoid having to use Chess Records' publisher. The form of the song had been used previously for Billy Stewart's "Billy's Blues Part 2" (Chess 1625). Guitarist Jody Williams played on both Stewart's and Diddley's recordings and he shared writing credit on "Billy's Blues" with Stewart. After Mickey & Sylvia's version became a hit, Williams sought legal recourse but was unsuccessful.

Why Diddley's recording wasn't issued at the time is unclear. It does seem to be technically inferior to many of his other cuts though.

Love Is The Answer Utopia w/ Todd Rundgren 1977
Bearsville 0321
England Dan & John Ford Coley
Love Land Al Hibbler 6-23-58
Decca 9-30752
Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
Love Letters Dick Haymes 3-2-45
Decca 18699
Dick Brown, Ketty Lester, Elvis Presley
First heard as instrumental theme music in the 1945 film Love Letters.

Dick Brown's version (Guild 140) was also recorded in 1945, possibly prior to Haymes', but an authoritative date has been elusive.

Love Letters In The Sand Ted Black w/Tom Brown 8-27-31
Victor 22799

Majestic Dance Orchestra w/ Helen Roland 8-27-31
Conqueror 7816

Gene Austin (9-9-31), Radiolites (aka Benny Goodman, 9-18-31), Pat Boone, Patsy Cline, Leon Redbone
Based on William Henderson's 1881 "The Spanish Cavalier." There are accounts of "Love Letters In The Sand" being introduced by Russ Columbo and his picture even appeared on the sheet music. While he may have performed it live, it doesn't appear that he ever recorded it.

Assuming the dates are correct for both of these "originals," it's quite a coincidence they were cut the same day!

Love Me Willie And Ruth 2-54
Spark 105
Elvis Presley
Love Me Bee Gees 3-30 & 4-23, 25-76
on lp RSO 3003 Children Of The World
Yvonne Elliman
Love Me For A Reason Johnny Bristol 1974
on lp MGM 4959 Hang On In There Baby
Love Me To Pieces Janis Martin 1-9-57
RCA Victor 6832
Jill Corey
Love Me With All Your Heart Ames Bros. 1962
Epic 9530
Newports, Ray Charles Singers, Vikki Carr (in Spanish), Johnny Rodriguez, Engelbert Humperdinck
This was a rewrite of "Cuando calienta el sol," made popular by the Cuban trio Los Hermanos Rigual in 1961. Maurice Vaughn penned the English lyrics.

The Ray Charles Singers, who had a # 3 hit with this song, are not related to the soul/jazz piano player Ray Charles.

Love Of The Common People Four Preps 11-23-66
Capitol 5819
Waylon Jennings (2-15-67), Everly Bros. (9-14-67), Winstons, Nicky Thomas, Paul Young
Love On A Rooftop Ronnie Spector 1987
Columbia 38 07300
Desmond Child, Cher
Love On A Two Way Street Lezli Valentine 1968
All Platinum 2308
The Moments' hit used the same backing track as Valentine's original.

Love Song Lesley Duncan 1969
Date 1677
Elton John (3-70), Lesley Duncan (1971 for Columbia), Elton John w/ Lesley Duncan (1976)
Love Song, A Loggins & Messina 1973
on lp Columbia 32540 Full Sail
Anne Murray, Kenny Loggins
Love TKO David Oliver 1980
on lp Mercury 3831 Here's To You
Teddy Pendergrass, Womack & Womack, Michael McDonald
Love Will Keep Us Together Neil Sedaka 1973
on lp UK MGM 2315-248 The Tra La Days Are Over
Captain & Tennille
Loveless Love (aka Careless Love) Ernest Hare 1-4-21
Edison 50767/on cylinder Edison Blue Amberol 4298
Noble Sissle (c. 1-15-21 for Pathe/Actuelle, 1931 for Brunswick), Ernest Hare (unknown date on Vocalion 14160), Katherine Handy (1-22), Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra (1-23-25), Bessie Smith (5-26-25, as "Careless Love Blues"), Lonnie Johnson (many times, first in 1928), Billie Holiday, W.C. Handy, Fats Domino, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles, Dr. John, Madeleine Peyroux et el.
The origins of the song are unclear. What is known is that W.C. Handy copyrighted it as as "Loveless Love" in 1921 and again in 1926 as "Careless Love." Certainly there are elements of the song that go back further.

Love's Been Good To Me Kingston Trio 10-9-64
on lp Decca 74613 Nick-Bob-John
Rod McKuen, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash
Love's Made A Fool Of You Buddy Holly 8-58
on lp Coral 57450 Showcase (1964)
Crickets (post-Buddy Holly, 2-4-59), Bobby Fuller Four, The Bunch
Lover Please Rhythm Steppers w/ Jim Boyer 1960
Louis 103
Dennis Turner (1961), Clyde McPhatter, Billy Swan, Arthur Alexander
The Rhythm Steppers were pals of Billy Swan, who'd written "Lover Please" in high school. The 18-year-old Swan tagged along to their Memphis session—probably at the pre-Stax Satellite Studio—but did not play on the recording.

Lovesick Blues Elsie Clark 3-21-22
Okeh 4589
Jack Shea, Emmett Miller (1925, 1928), Rex Griffin, Hank Williams, Sonny James, Patsy Cline, Frank Ifield, Linda Ronstadt, George Strait et al.
"Lovesick Blues" has erroneously been referenced as having first been performed, under its original title "I've Got The Love-Sick Blues," by Anna Chandler in the 1922 stage musical Oh! Ernest. Although Chandler did appear on early sheet music for the song, Oh! Ernest didn't open until 1927.

Lovin' Things, The Artie Schroeck 1967
Columbia 43997
Bobby Rydell, Marmalade, December's Children (7-13-68), Grass Roots
Lovin' You Lovin' Spoonful 1966
on lp Kama Sutra 8054 Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful
Bobby Darin (10-31-66)
Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again) Waylon Jennings 12-7-70
on lp RCA Victor 4487 The Taker/Tulsa
Kris Kristofferson (1-22-71), Roger Miller, Tompall & the Glaser Bros.